Over 40 years of experience in all facets of electronic design and manufacture.

Mid-Continent Custom Electronics designs, engineers and manufactures a diverse range of electronic and electro-mechanical products (EMS and ODM) in a broad range of industries.

A few examples of past and present projects include:

  • Pneumatic conveying control systems
  • Speed sensors for power cutters, combines, and other industrial equipment
  • Proximity sensors for combines, boom lifts, hay balers and other agricultural and construction equipment
  • Door ajar sensors for roller doors installed on fire and emergency vehicles
  • Rack mount intercom control panels for industries such as airports, corporate offices, public buildings, hospitals and detention centers
  • Intercom stations with displays for security key-lock controls installed in capital buildings in Washington, DC
  • Weight scales for livestock and veterinary applications
  • Isokinetic exerciser data logging

Specific Capabilities Include:

Hardware Design

  • Circuit board design, layout and assembly
  • Analog and digital measurement
  • Data acquisition and control

Software Engineering

  • Fluent with C and Assembler, Visual Basic, Real Basic/Xojo, PLC Ladder Logic, and Access
  • Application development for Android devices for control & diagnostics for our electronic products
  • Embedded design and development


  • Surface Mount circuit board assembly
  • Through-hole circuit board assembly
  • Electro-mechanical panel & box assembly

Device Programming

  • EEPROM programming
  • Micro Processor programming

Custom Silkscreening

  • Silk-screening of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Silk-screening of painted and powder coated metalwork

Other Services Offered

  • Encapsulating
  • Conformal coating
  • Custom test fixtures built in-house
MCC Electronics

Mid-Continent Custom Electronics (MCCE) provides design, engineering and manufacturing expertise for projects of all sizes in a broad range of industries. From Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) to Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), our products are manufactured in the USA.

We support you from concept to production or wherever you need our expertise.

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